Wednesday, August 25, 2004

A Journey Through the Forbidden Zone

Via BoingBoing, I found this intriguing little gem: a re-edit of Planet of the Apes as an episode of the Twilight Zone:

When I first started gathering information about POTA, I was surprised to learn that Rod Serling co-wrote the screenplay for Planet. Then suddenly it all made sense. "Of course! Planet is a two-hour episode of The Twilight Zone!"

That idea stuck in the back of my head ever since. Then with the recent advances in digital filmmaking technology and especially after reading about fan edits (particularly the couple of Star Wars: Episode I edits that surfaced), another thought struck me: "Wouldn't it be cool to take Planet and edit it down into a thirty minute episode of The Twilight Zone, complete with Rod Serling narration?" I knew the project would take a lot of patience to assemble the pieces, but once I got them together, it would be great fun to create the final product.

Technology is letting us do some really interesting things. Sure, they violate copyright laws but those laws are the sorts of things that are just begging to be violated. They're draconian, stifling and all serve the corporate mass marketers rather than the creators they were originally designed to protect. So, if being an artist in the 21st century means being a pirate too, well then all I have to say is, "Argh, Matey!"


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