Sunday, August 29, 2004

Live (Via Satelite) Protest Blogging

I'm not in New York. I have Grad School starting tomorrow and besides it's really hot out there today.

But flipping through the channels on this Sunday afternoon, I came across C SPAN's live coverage of the protesters in New York (you know, all those bomb throwing Anarchists we're supposed to be so afraid about). I haven't seen a wide shot yet... Oh, there's one. Wow. That's a lot of people. It's hard to judge crowds but that looks like several thousand. How many protesters marched at the Democratic convention in Boston? Not nearly this many and they aren't rounded up behind razor wire fences. Yet.

But I understand how the Republicans might be scared about violence. I mean, I just saw two of the scariest looking elderly people pass the camera. They looked like they were hiding Molotov cocktails in their fanny packs. Seriously though, this is pretty peaceful protest. I guess the fear-mongering is just that: BushCo. trying to scare the crap out of Ma and Pa Kent, who might have heard about those unruly Anarchists congregating in New York City, trying to undermine the Republicans undermining of our Democracy.

Ooh! Security! Search that Woman with the fiddle! There's probably a machine gun concealed inside!... OK, Not very likely.

I think my favorite sign so far is the one with the red elephant shitting bombs. That's a vivid image, one that sums things up nicely, I think.


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