Saturday, August 28, 2004

A Night at the Movies

Last night, I saw Hero. It's a briliant, moving and superbly done Martial Arts Opera. But for the love of Lao Tzu, it's not a Kung Fu movie! I would have thought people would have learned this lesson from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: that when you see the preview of Jet Li flying slowly throught he air, sword dancing, this means that it's going to be operatic, not action/adventure. So, all you jackasses last night who snickered at the melodramatic love story and were bored by the philosophy, take a hint. I've sat through two of these movies with you uncultured swine and I'm not doing it a third time. So in two or three years, when another Martial Arts Opera comes out and you think it looks like a cool kung Fu movie, just stay home and watch Jessica Simpson make a fool of herself on MTV. If she isn't divorced and in rehab by then.

Update: I just spoke with my wife, who also went to see Hero last night and she had the same experience. I think this disrepectful, swinish attitude relates to al arger issue, one we've all seen in politics and in the media lately, That willful ignorence and disdain that the gung ho, Love It or Leave It crowd has towards anyone who tries to appreciate something forign and different. The attitude that says being respectful of other cultures is Un-American (and don't even think about trying to understand root causes in terrorist actions. That's fucking treasonous). And we wonder why no one likes us. Or, sadly, we as a country don't but I do.

From now on, whenever I travel overseas I'm telling people I'm Canadian.


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