Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Parable of the Good Weapons Inspector

Fellow LC member, Scout at AND THEN... has a great post concerning latant UN hatred on the right:

But it seems like maybe the UN would have saved us a lot of misery if only we listened to it. And so it reminds me a bit of the parable on the West Wing a while back, when President Bartlett had to consider commuting a death sentence? You might remember it.

There's a man in a town where it's been raining for days and days, and so the Mayor says that everyone should evacuate. But one man says no, he'll stay because he has faith in God. And so the rain water gets higher, and kills his sheep, and his wife implores him to leave, and he says no, he will stay because he has faith in God. So then his wife leaves, begging him, but he won't leave, his faith is so strong. So then a rescue boat comes, and says they will save him, but he won't, because God will see him through. They leave, and the rain continues, until he is on his roof and it collapses, and he drowns. He ascends to heaven and he says to God, 'Why did you take me, when I had so much faith in you?' And God replies, 'I sent the mayor to warn you, I killed your sheep to warn you, I sent your wife to warn you and then finally sent a rescue boat to save you, and you turned them all away. So I ask to you, why, when I was telling you all of this, did you refuse to listen to a word I said?'


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