Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Political Ennui

I'm tired of reading about the slowest Swift Boats this side of Mai Lai. Seriously. I'd say let's move on to more important matters but apparently there are no such thing. We have always debated the meaning of "bled" and forever more, will we debate what Kerry did 35 years ago in some river in Vietnam (but let's not talk about what Bush did or didn't do-- that would be lowering the discourse).

I've made my Political Views known here. I'm a borderline socialist. I think that if we are going to have a government, it's sole purpose should be to promote the welfare of the citizenry. I'm anti-war, pro-choice, pro-drug legalization, pro-gay rights, anti-religion, anti-stupid and I prefer cats to dogs. I think George W. Bush is a miserable failure and my opinion is only solidified every time the dingbat opens his sneering little mouth. I'm voting for Kerry in November but i don't like him much either, I just think he'll be not as fucking horrible as Bush and his little cadre of anarcho-capitalist/ borderline fascists have been.

This is it. I'm not blogging any more about politics. Oh, sure, I'll have words to say about the Patriot Act, freedom of speech issues and the occasional pro-Gay rights post. But no more dissection of the daily political minutia will be found on this site. I'm tired of reading it and I certainly don't want to write any of it. So, from now on, it's all writing about writing/ librarian issues/ cats/ books/ movies/ existential meanderings/ assorted mental gymnastics and whatever else I feel like. But not politics. I'm not dropping out of the Liberal Coalition, mind you but form now on, if the mood strikes and I feel like ranting about Bush or Kerry or what have you, I'll do it over on the LC site, not here.


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