Saturday, August 28, 2004

Update: The Missing Monkey

Following up on a post from earlier in the week re: the Victorian sex ed manual for children: My wife e-mailed a friend of ours who works at the Library of Congress, asking about their copy of Sammy Tubbs, the Boy Doctor, and Sponsie, the Troublesome Monkey, only to find that alas, their copy was recently stolen.

Stealing books from Libraries is wrong, kids. I don't care if you steel books from Barnes & Noble or Waldenbooks, after all they're corporations and probably deserve it. But libraries, especially the Library of Congress are valuble institutions, promoting literacy and the free spread of knowledge. And they don't have a very large budget. So if you stole this book, please return it. Just slide it in the book return slot or leave it wrapped in paper on the front steps in the middle of the night. Heck, if you just walked in and handed it to the first librarian you came across, I doubt they'd even care that you stole it, so happy would they be to have their book back.


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