Saturday, September 18, 2004

A Brave New Night at the Movies

Last night, Kevin and I saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. We both enjoyed it, thoroughly. I thought that it was a well done action adventure and that the digital environment helped create the fantastic-past atmosphere nicely. Most impressive was the performance by Sir Lawrence Olivier. Though a small role, he commanded the screen, as he always did. That he's been dead for 15 years has hardly dampened his abilities.

Which brings up an interesting point: Now that Lord Larry has returned from beyond the grave, how long will it be before we see other deceased movie stars revived for not just a cameo but for new starring roles? No more than a few years, is my prediction. Soon, the whole pantheon of Hollywood will be at the disposal of casting agents and producers. You want Clark Gabble for that new period melodrama? He's available. So too is Marlene Dietrich. For a price.

There will be legal conundrums to unravel, of course. What is the status of a deceased actor? Can they rejoin the Actors Guild or are their images owned by their estates? Can their identities be bought by Studios, copyrighted by corporations? Or do they enter the public domain, for use by every student filmmaker with an iMac and an Avid editor?

Whatever the case, I'm sure it will be interesting times ahead for filmmakers and film enthusiasts.

What dead actors do you want to see revived?


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