Sunday, September 12, 2004

Dispatches from Iraq, Part 16

Christian writes:

Baghdad - September 10, 2004

The third anniversary of September 11th is tomorrow.

What change three years has brought both for the good and for the bad! Both successes and mistakes.

It was three years ago that I decided to join the fight to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again. That fight is still very much underway and I am now in the middle of it.

I've been back in Baghdad now for just over a week. I returned from Greece safe and sound. Having gone on my first R&R leave, I came back extremely refreshed and with a new burst of energy to come back into the game here in Iraq. My role is now changing. I am taking more financial duties and will be helping to track the finances of our ongoing projects. New tasks, new responsibilities. I am very excited. However, I am still doing some PR work and I include this link to highlight a piece I wrote on the Transportation/Communications Sector for the PCO website.

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