Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Salutations and Scandalous Admissions

Hi, there.

I'm Jay. Jason, really, but the digital revolution is all about brevity, right? I'm a friend of Keith's. We met as part of the original staff of the first Barnes & Noble in my hometown of Savannah, Ga. It didn't take long for Keith and I to realize we shared not only a love of strange books, movies, conspiracy theory, exotic food, radical politics, and the kind of productive langour Emerson might have given a pretty name and for which Cotton Mather would have had us bastino'd. No, our shared and secret shame was not of choice. You see, Keith and I share erotic surnames.
Keith Kisser. Jason Love.

And though we realized it was not in our cards to become the greatest creative duo in the history of adult film, we knew that our mutual curse would eventually lead to collaboration in some arena, and here you have it.

It is my pleasure to participate in The Invisible Library.

Thanks, Keith, and Hello, Kevin.

Bilious Political Invective Coming Soon!


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