Thursday, September 23, 2004

School's In

I'm back @ school, doing things archival and loving it - for the most part. This semester is about learning how to appraise, how to preserve, and how to legally manage information. Good, solid classes each.

This semester is also about preparing to study American literature again. If admitted to the program here I'd be signing on for more schooling. The teaching would be great fun, I think. The research just as good if not better. I'm interested in how people tell their stories. I recommend school, I really do. Coming back has been good for me.

My human rights archives series is not forgotton, and should even progress with the pending wireless connection at home. I wanted to see how things went in the news about Columbia taking some related material and looking for an archivist to handle the Human Rights Watch Archive. All in good time, in archives-time.

Keeping perspective in school can be difficult. The long view, the short view, no view. Everything seems to have its time, and everyone seems to have an opinion about when that is. Learning, exploring takes time, and is, in my opinion, one of the highest values of the archival community. Good luck one and all!


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