Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Free Me From This Great Debate

Tonight is the final debate, people, and it's about doggone time. I lost any interest I might have had when, during the Vice Presidential debate, Cheney and Edwards both resorted to the "your facts are wrong" refrain. Once two debaters get to this point, it's so much white noise. Of course any semi-informed American (example: Yours Truly) knows that Bush and Cheney have botched the war horribly, that they have illegally doled out no-bid contracts to their weasely corporate sponsors, that they're horrible fascists, etcetera. We also know that both Edward and Kerry supported the war, are lawyers, and were bullied like spineless bed-wetters into basically making George's Bush's administration a military junta. And why? Don't buy the "we gave him the authority, not the consent" argument they so lamely attempt to make. They gave him the authority to go to war with Iraq because of the enormous public pressure from Americans post-9/11 who desperately wanted vengeance on whomever, wherever, as long as "they" suffered the way "we" suffered--a sentiment which, in actuality, I only ever heard come out of the mouths of media figures, borderline psychotics, and Country Music "Songwriters"...but I repeat myself.

I'll watch the debate (I just like to bitch), but I'm not expecting much from it. Kerry will look far more "Presidential" than his opponent, and Bush will look more like that slightly crazy, absurdly macho but nonetheless approachable High School Football Coach, and the individuals that respond, respectively, to each of those things...will already have decided months ago who is getting their vote.

Here's my pessimistic precognition: Kerry will win the popular vote, by even more than Gore in 2000. Bush will win the electoral vote, narrowly, but by enough to legitimate his second term, inasmuch as that is possible. That is a sad statement to make, I know, and hardcore Kerry supporters will likely call for my head if they read this, but nothing can be done for it.

I hope I'm wrong, I really do. I would love nothing more than to be proven wrong. In fact, if Kerry is elected, I will make it a point to be active in the Democratic Party. (So that I can keep an eye on him.) But I really don't see that happening. Even with his recent gain in the polls--Me? Never been polled. You?--I don't think Kerry is a pill the American People want to swallow. Because he comes with the acknowledgment that things just aren't as simple as they seem to be. He, unfortunately, comes with an intrinsic demand on the intellectual capabilities of Joe Six-Pack. Or, at least, on his conscience. Kerry may, if you believe him, invoke images of Kennedy. He may seem as regal, as statuesque as Lincoln. It's sad, but it just seems to me that Americans, for now, prefer the wacky Football Coach, even if he insists on lining the field with land mines.


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