Thursday, October 14, 2004

Green Zone Turns Red

CBC News:

Blasts hit market, cafe in Green Zone; 4 Americans among 5 dead
01:57 PM EDT Oct 14

BAGHDAD (AP) - Insurgents penetrated Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone and detonated explosives at a market and a popular cafe Thursday, killing five people, including four Americans, in the first bombing inside the compound housing the U.S. and Iraqi government headquarters.

A top Iraqi official said the attacks appeared to have been suicide bombings. Witnesses said two men, each carrying a backpack but not the required ID badges, entered the cafe full of Americans and other patrons, drank tea and talked to each other for nearly half an hour, then went their separate ways and set off their bombs several moments apart.

The attack was an assault on the heart of the U.S.-Iraqi leadership of the country and a serious setback to the Bush administration's campaign to pacify postwar Iraq.

I just received an e-mail from Christian:

Considering the events of today and the e-mails I have received from numerous people asking if I am OK, I want to let everyone know that I am fine.

Today was a black day in the Green Zone. I used to dine at the Green Zone Cafe very frequently. I do not yet know who was killed but I undoubtedly know some of them.

I must go but will write soon with more details.


Here's the Guardian UK story. So far, only the foreign press has picked this up. it's still early though.

Update: 10/15

More exploding car bombs
Airstrike on Fallujah

Meanwhile, still nothing being discussed much by the Chimp in Chief or by Kerry. This nightmare has got to stop. I'd like to wake up now, please.


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