Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Library Talk

Via Jessa at Bookslut, we have Dispatches from a Public Librarian. In this dispatch, Josh, who is a Library page, is interviewed. It's funny if you've ever worked in a bookstore (the super polished, ultra shiny mega corporate type, not the fun, musty dark independent kind) or, of course, in a library.

It's also funny if you go to Library School, because Public Librarians are the bottom of the proverbial Totem Pole. They're harassed, generally shit upon and the most embattled and embittered of all librarians. And they like it that way. That they are also the archetypal librarian, the image everyone conjures up when they think of the word Librarian with a face and a name, is an important detail, something that ultimately, all us librarians, even the male Academic/Art Reference librarians who work in IT have to confront. But it's funny! Ha ha.


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