Sunday, October 24, 2004

The Secret Revealed!

At last, I can tell you where I am, and the reason I'm here. Friday, I departed from Maryland for San Antonio to meet my wife and in-laws and visit with my sister in law, who is home for two weeks R&R from Iraq. The reason for all the secrecy is that we were staging an elaborate surprise for my mother and father in law, involving sister Naomi's friend, Jeff telling my in laws he wanted to introduce them to his new fiance and then having Naomi walk in, followed shortly thereafter by my wife and I and her older brother and his wife, all of who had flown in just for the occasion. The surprise went well, if a bit befuddled at times by the impossibility of a given flight to land on time, my sister in laws inability to remember the proper names of restaurants and the general confusion of trying to organise a large scale surprise among nine people in four states and a foreign war.

So that's what all the secrecy was about, a very good cause.

Now I just have to try and convince my Texas in-laws that voting for Bush is a horrible, horrible idea and that Kerry isn't really all that bad. Then, I'll single handedly end world hunger and find a cure for cancer, by Tuesday, when I fly back.


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