Sunday, October 31, 2004

Techblogging Sunday- Rotting Fruit Edition

I've been a huge fan of Apple computers for several years now. This is not really news to my friends, family and regular readers. However, I was a bit annoyed after I read this bit of news, that the new version of iTunes (4.7) deliberately blocks an app designed to download music files from your iPod to your computer.

I gotta say, Mr Jobbs, this new little innovation sucks. I understand you're under pressure from the draconian fobs in the Music Industry to incorporate DRM safeguards into your software that gives them the impression that they can control what music we listen to and where. But you're smarter than that, Steve. You know that no matter what software widgets you come up with, we'll find ways around it. But that you'd deliberately try to stiff your loyal users in favor of feeding pipe-dreams to corporate stooges who neither understand nor care about their customers is pretty shitty.

Lately, Elvira and I have come to realise that we've reached a software plateau with our respective macs. Her iMac and my Powerbook have ample speed and storage and all the software we need, in versions that we like, and do exactly what we want them to. So we've decided that we're no longer going to upgrade our software. We'll stick with iTunes 4.6, OS 10.3 and keep our iPods at their current versions. Thanks, Mr Jobbs but no thanks. We'll keep our money and our slightly outdated software and look for Open Source alternatives when we absolutely need to upgrade something.

Eventually, in a few years, our hardware will become incompatible, obsolete or damaged and we'll be forced to upgrade. Which means that we'll probably buy second hand hardware and switch all our OS to Linux, which, I've recently discovered, has a version that runs on Mac hardware. Plus, that penguin is just a lot cuter than some silly old apple with a bit out of it.

Hat tip to Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing for the link.


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