Tuesday, November 02, 2004


I learned via Atrios that Zogby is predicting Kerry over Bush, 311 to 213. This is good news, if true. But it isn't necessarily. Herein lies the anxiety. The later it gets, the more good news I hear, that Kerry is going to win. But see, the reality is, he needs to win by a wide enough margin to leave no doubt. Because we all know that the Postmodern Republicans will jump on the slightest bit of voter uncertainty if it's too close. Kerry needs to win by at least a 5 point margin, since the standard Margin Of Error (MOE) is between 2 and 3%. If John Zogby is right, then we have nothing to worry about. Not even Bush could spin a 98 point deficit in his favor. The Fundies may be able to claim the Grand Canyon was made in an afternoon but that doesn't mean they can jump it.

But if Zogby's wrong, and say, the Electoral Vote Predictor is right (Kerry 262, Bush 261) then we have another three months of litigious dingbats and chad counting to endure. And I just don't think I can handle that.
After four years of waiting for this day, to have victory snatched away by the Pigfucker and his merry band of cyborgs would put me over the edge. I'd have to flee to Canada, or the UK and live my life as an ex pat librarian, drinking nightly and cursing the Empire.

Updated 11/04: most of the above is now meaningless and probably always was.


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