Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Only Outlaws will Make Music

I've just downloaded the Kleptones, A Night at the Hip Hopera, a brilliant mashup that combines the music of Queen with Ferris Bueller clips, the Beastie Boys, and, well, just about everything cool there is. It's being distributed free at a veriety of places online which is, of course, illegal and Disney, which owns the rights to all of Queen's music1 is sending cease and desist orders to people who provide links. So it won't be available for much longer. So get out your iPods, and download this modern masterpiece before it's too late!

Download A Night at the Hip Hopera by the Kleptones at Klepshimi's mp3 blog.

Read the rest of the story at (and find alternative links) at Boing Boing

1. How weird is that?


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