Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Wall

I'm burned out, man. Over it. I've hit the wall and staggered off in search of warmth and compassion and found none. This week really brought it home for me. Perhaps my priorities are fucked or I'm just another insulated liberal but I'm tired of this shit. And then I read Scout's post earlier about the poor kid from Georgia that shot himself because George Bush won the election.

The thing is, I get that kid. If I weren't a little older and bit more level headed, I could be that kid. The world is just so fucked up right now and the US is acting like the lead lemur. But I don't want to be that kid because it won't change things.

So, for a while at least, I'm taking a break from the politics. This may cost me some readers but I don't care. I need to not be plugged in for a while. So for the next few weeks, it's just going to be posts like the one below, books, movies, cultural ramblings and thoughts on life. So, prepare for navel gazing.


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