Wednesday, December 29, 2004

As Goes California...

...So Goes the US. Andrew over at And Then brought this story to my attention:

...After voters rejected a ballot measure Nov. 2 that would have boosted the sales tax to preserve city services, Salinas has earned the scorn of bibliophiles worldwide and an ugly distinction. The blue-collar town of 150,000 residents could become the most populous U.S. city without a public library.

Administrators plan to close all three branches by May or June. Nearly three dozen employees will be fired by July 1.

A friend of mine from San Francisco once claimed that everything that happens in the US, happens first in California, just three years before. While we didn't get the rolling blackouts they had, we did get the Enron crash, which was part of the cause. While we haven't had Arnold elected President (yet), their are those trying to make it happen. I fear many of the countries public libraries will be following suit shortly.

Without a library system, we aren't a viable country. It's just that simple. Barnes & Noble and Amazon will never take the place of a Library. But hay, who cares. Libraries only contain books that contradict five thousand year old shepherd poetry, so fuck 'em.

Pride in our own ignorance will make America the pariahs of the world and condemn millions to suffer for our whims but at least we won't piss off the invisible man who lives in the sky. Plus, a few more rich white men will have a couple extra bucks to roll around in at night. Ain't capitalism grand.


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