Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Google Library

Cnet News:
Google will expand its ability for searching books by working with Stanford and Harvard Universities, among others, to digitize out-of-print and copyrighted works.

On Tuesday, the Mountain View, Calif.-based is expected to announce relationships with five major libraries, including the University of Michigan, Oxford University and the New York Public Library, to create digital copies of some books so that they may be searchable using Google. Also on Tuesday, the company will begin sampling some works already scanned for Google Print, the company's searchable index of books that it formally unveiled in October.

Susan Wojcicki, Google's director of product management, said the project will evolve over several years.

"Lbraries have been the keepers of information for centuries," she said. "We're excited to unlock that wealth of Information."

This is Amazon's Search Inside the Book function times a thousand. If they get all the bugs worked out (and with copyright laws as FUBAR as they are right now, there are some big bugs) this could be revolutionary-- a virtual Library of Alexandria. The Real Invisible Library.


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