Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Where My Mind Is

I saw the Pixies last night, at Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. I was blown away. Really tight playing, a solid show all around. I was super impressed and had a great time. They did a fantastic rendition of Nimrod's Son where, in the second verse, they slowed the pace down and added a sot of dark-edged country sound to it that I think was an improvement over the original.

During Vamos, Joey Santiago took center stage and played his guitar with a drum stick, played with some noise colloge and tapped out the melody on the raw end of his amp coard. It was fun, though after the show, whle walking back to the metro, I heard two kids lamenting that he dropped the notes and was just making noise.

Kids these days. I tell ya, they have no respect for the art of their elders. Why, in my day, we loved noisey rock and roll-- the fewer notes the better.


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