Thursday, January 06, 2005

Moral Theology Vs. The Tsunami II

Bill Berkowitz over at Working For Change has discovered that not a single website for any Christian Right Political Groups has links for donations or aide for the Tsunami victims. They still have plenty of time to gripe about immoral TV shows, the lack of Jesus being mentioned during Christmas and to bash gays, though. And my personal favorite:

...Over at, the Rev. Jerry Falwell is explaining "The True Meaning of Christmas," recruiting for his new organization, The Moral Majority Coalition, and soliciting cruisers for a late July sojourn aboard the Queen Mary II.

While many Christian evangelical organizations have rushed to help the victims, why aren't the nation's major religious right political groups -- quick to claim the moral high-ground at every opportunity -- putting their organizational muscle to good use? Why hasn't the devastation from the earthquake/tsunami been on the radar screens of these groups? Are they all on a values vacation?

Compassion for the sick and needy? That must have been some other Jesus, preaching on some other mount. Republican Jesus don't give a shit.


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