Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Sorry it's been almost a week with no new post but I've been traveling, getting set back at work and trying to resolve internet access issues. Well, all of those things are taken care of now, so posting will resume promptly. However. I don't want to continue on the same old road of ranting and raving. This year (think of this as a new years resolution if you must) I want to talk a bit more about my own writing endeavors. To that end, I'll have more posts (the first one coming soon) about some creative writing I'll be working on. I have a novel that's been languishing in various stages of rewrite, and a few half started short stories I want to finish up so there should be plenty of writerly craftwork to discuss. I'll post some excerpts here or on an adjacent page and ask for feedback and just toss out some plot knots and general ideas for consideration. Think of it as interactive writing.


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