Friday, May 13, 2005

Mystery Cat Blogging

So, last night, I'm sitting on the couch watching TV while Elvira is fixing dinner. Our couch is just below the window in the living room, by which I mean, the whole front wall. Our building is circa 1951, and the windows go from about three feet from the floor all the way up and as wide as the whole room. That wall is nothing but window. Unfortunately, these windows don't really open. They have little cranks in the corners that are supposed to let you ratchet open four panes in each corner but none of them have worked as long as we've lived in the apartment.

So, I'm being lazy, watching Gormenghast when something thumps against the window. It's dusk, and hard to make out what it is. Sometimes pigeons land on the narrow ledge outside the window flap against the glass and fly off. But this is no pigeon. It's a cat. On the ledge.

Now, when I say the ledge outside the window is narrow, I mean narrow. Two inches wide, tops. But here's this little cat, balancing against the side of the building, three stories up. Elvira and I scramble to raise the blinds, and pop open the window as best we can. I'm frantic, because if there's one thing I cannot abide, it's animals getting hurt. I hate stories about people who are cruel to animals or let bad things happen to pets because of negligence. I'm ready to take a hammer to this window if I have to but luckily, all it takes is the butt of my hand to pop it open.

The cat comes inside, looks around and proceeds to make herself at home (as witnessed by the picture). Judging by her size, she can't be more than a year and a half old. And she's very friendly. However, Lucy does not play well with others. She ends up in the other room for the rest of the night and, as I write this, is still cordoned off in the hallway by the bathroom. I feel bad but it's either that or a cat fight.

We took a picture of Mystery Cat and while Elvira went down the hall, knocking on doors to see if someone was missing a pet, I went outside to look at the building and see if I can find an open window. There it was. Right next door. Which makes sense, because, given the size of the ledge, it's not like this cat sauntered around any corners. Neither did she fall from the sky, or a higher floor. We wrote a little note explaining where the cat was and left it taped to our neighbor's door.

As of writing this, the cat is still at our place. Our neighbor was out quite late ( I know because we went out to a club and didn't get back to 1 AM and the note was still on their door). Hopefully, they'll get their lazy ass up soon and come get their cat. And fix that window.

Update: 10:00 AM-- I just knocked on our neighbor's door to see if perhaps they might be interested in having their cat back. I was greeted only by the sound of scratching and meowing from the other side of the door. There's at least one other cat in that apartment, which kinda sucks, since these apartments are small (and ours is getting smaller by the minute). They have until noon. Then I talk to the Building manager.

Update 2:00 PM-- After knocking on the neighbor's door at noon, half past and finally quarter after 1, we were finally able to return the Mystery Cat, whose name is Bella. Lucy is very happy to have her apartment back.


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