Monday, May 23, 2005

Towards a Geek Enlightenment

My little Star Wars rant ran long and some may find a hint of desperation in the tone. With the Star Wars movies done at last and no new Star Trek series/ movie on the horizon, there's been talk of a void in the world of geekdom. Some are concerned we've lost our guiding light and that geeks like me are flailing because the sagas of our childhood have finally come to a close. Luckily, our young Prince of geek, Wil Wheaton sets things straight:
I actually think it's the beginning of a new golden era for geeks: technology is putting massive computing power in our hands, we're never more and a few hundred feet from the internets, we've got our own network (sci-fi channel) and the big summer blockbusters are all inspired by comic book movies. HHG comes out this year, it looks like Peter Jackson is going to do The Hobbit, there's talk about a movie based on The Watchmen in 2006, and there's a Firefly movie due out as well. Don't overlook Sin City, or Hellboy, and don't forget the new Battlestar Galactica! (Ron Moore is even connecting with geeks using the unprecedented medium of podcasting commentaries *for free* on all the new episodes, as well as communicating directly with the show's fans via his blog.)
That tone in my previous rant was not desperation, but frustration. Contrary to popular opinion, Star Wars and Star Trek were never the twin suns lighting our imagination. Mostly, they were just a plateau where we got comfortable and set up a base camp. We stayed too long and forgot that we were supposed to keep on climbing the next day. Well, now that Lucas has struck camp and Rodenburry's ghost has finally been set free, we can set out once more to see if we can't find our Geek Shangri La.

Sure, we'll all miss Kirk and Luke and Han. But their descendents are already with us and they are brighter, faster and smarter than their forefathers.

The Bronze age of Sci-fi is over. Let the Enlightenment begin!


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