Sunday, January 29, 2006

One Man's Mind

My wife's friend Lynne, who works at the Library of Congress sent us a link to this blog by homeless paranoid, Peter Bis. Now, I'm no psychiatrist but I'm pretty sure this guy is a low grade paranoid schizophrenic, judging form the rambling essays, the primary subject of which is him, Peter Bis and what the CIA/Vatican/Mafia has done/is doing to him.

It's a fascinating glimpse inside a dented mind, featuring conspiracies involving plasma beings from Saturn, international cooperation between disparate and desperate organizations that would require treaties and laws so Machiavellian and convoluted as to have only been dreamed up by a crazy man, or the Karl Rove and a van de Graff generator. The Egyptians are, of course involved. How? Well, see that's what's so fascinating here. One of the things I noticed when reading through some of these essays is how the subject and object of Mr. Bis's theories are the same: himself. It's all ego (in the Freudian way, not the generic pop psychological way). External forces conspiring to do harm to one man, and going to any length to do so.

While we may all feel like crazy people talking conspiracy theories when it comes to the Bush administration, this guy lives inside such a fantasy world. It's absolutely real to him. This isn't the intricate mad satire of the gang at Fafblog, but genuine incoherent rambling.

I think one of the reasons that I'm so fascinated by it (besides my general fondness for crackpots and conspiracy theories) is the breadth of imagination involved in creating this world. It's as rich and finely detailed as Dune or Lord of the Rings, but without the coherent narrative or sense that a satisfying conclusion, happy or sad, could ever even be possible. Imagine if the quest to destroy the One Ring never ended. Another band of Orcs is always and forever just over the next hill. Infinite lands lay always between you and Mount Doom and the Ring attracts increasingly demented and single minded villains, some masquerading as everybody you've ever met, but wearing ill-fitting masks and smelling of sulfur and brimstone.

I don't envy the man's worldview and wouldn't wish to live inside his head for any length of time but the fact that he has chosen to try and convey what it's like for him to live is important, if only so we can better understand the tangled corridors of the human brain a little better.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Lights Are Back On

I'm an addict. I admit it. Six weeks without blogging and I'm itching to snark about nothing in particular, post pictures of my cats (forthcoming) and generally waste time on the internet. But, what else am I going to do?

So, I'm officially back but things are a little different this time. For one, I'm back on blogspot. Administrating the Wordpress blog was way too much like work. I liked the look and feel of it better but getting it up and running is way too technical for my needs, at least for now. Perhaps I'll go back there but not any time soon: I accidentally deleted everything when I went on Hiatus.

So, hay there blogspot. It's been a while. Just pretend the gap in Archives is due to gremlins or monkeys or whathaveyou.

The other thing that will change is the frequency of m posting. Don't expect new posts on the hour about everything under the sun. I'm not that bad and frankly, I don't care about a lot of things. I'll be posting on a weekly schedule, mostly cat pictures and a lot of original content, like what's going on in me wee little head. Which is not to say that there won't be political rants, geekery of a bookish nature and general tomfoolery. This is a blog after all. I have to put something here, right?