Sunday, March 05, 2006

Brokeback Oscars

Elvira and I saw Brokeback Mountain last night and two things stand out:

1) It is worthy of not only the numerous Oscars for which it I nominated but also the profound hype surrounding it. And

2) The Hype surrounding it is skewed by what I can only describe as a Media befuddled by ts own reductionist tendencies.

This last point, I realize, needs some elaboration.

Critics would have you believe that Gay Cowboy Movie is an accurate descriptor for this film. It is, for shorthand but so woefully under descriptive for any meaningful commentary to be made. There are so many layers of subtext to the film, you can barely comprehend that it was actually financed by a major production house. Until you remember it's an Ang Lee film. That man can make a movie, I tell you. We've forgotten this little fact due in no small part to the blundering fiasco that was Hulk. But let the Hulk fade. This is Crouching Tiger hidden Dragon level of brilliance. The sorrowful, blisteringly true to life details are so beautifully portrayed and against such a rich Bckdrop of culture, scene and time that it it comes off, in my description as sounding like a pack of cliches. But really, it’s just that fine of a film. Something for the ages.

Tonight, I'll be rooting for this one, even though I absolutely loved Good Night and Good Luck as well and have heard nothing but good things abut Capote.

For other Academic warbling, see the collective efforts over on the Oscar Blog.


Blogger Keith said...

Having had a few days to mull the events over, I'm still pretty disapointed that Crash won best picture. Brokeback was just such a fantastic movie and all I've heard of Crash (haven't seen it yet) is that it's ood but not memmorable or as great as Brokeback or good Night and Good Luck.

3/08/2006 7:41 PM  

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