Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Saturday Afternoon ID Rant Does a Body Good

I haven't ranted about the ID crowd in a while, mostly because PZ Myers pretty much has that area covered and in a way that is deeper and more informed than I ever could be. But I was just reading John Roger's own little rant and decided I just have to put in my two cents.

This anti-ID rant braught to you by the makers of Bibles and people with vapid little minds who think, gosh and golly gee willikers, we just don't know the really real truth, you know, so let's all take Pascal's Wager and sleep off this nagging doubt, because after a rousing prayer service followed by a sunrise omlet at Denny's everything is so much clearer.

The thing is, to a great extent we do know what the truth of the matter is, regarding evolution and cosmology. Claiming otherwise is just lazy if you're, say, a mail carrier or a Baseball player and disingenuous if you're a school teacher or politician.

Believing that the sun sets because some god wills it and that we were hatched out of a cosmic egg six thousand years ago and all the facts to the contrary are tests of the divine chicken is the purview of the primitive mind. It’s OK to believe that nonsense if your wardrobe consists of a single filthy loin cloth and you hunt for your dinner in a jungle.

But if you live in a society that has penicillin and nuclear reactors and satellites and reasonably reliable cell phone service, than you do not get the luxury of feigning ignorance because it makes you feel all fuzzy and warm inside. And you especially do not get to fake ignorance just so you can justify being a belligerent son of a bitch who thinks he gets to make decisions about women’s bodies and which tribe of brown people half a world away lives or dies.

Being the most advanced civilization on the planet comes with a price, namely, having to be reasonably well informed on most matters scientific, or at least knowing someone who is and talking with them regularly, especially if you have designs on a public office, even if it is just dog catcher general.

it's the 21st century, people. We may not have hover cars and moon bases but damn it, we do have access to more knowledge about the inner workings of the universe than any people who came before and pretending that whatever old superstitious beliefs worked for Great Granddad will work for us is beyond ridiculous, it's criminally negligent, as the War in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina aftermath both proved. Pretending that prayer works may win you elections but it's a lousy foreign policy and even worse Federal disaster plan.


Blogger Real-E said...

Amen brother!

Simply taking Biblical/religious history alone with it's endless re-translations of translations, contradictions and blatant politiquing make's you wonder what it is that draws so many into the narrow synaptic passage that is religion. The wonderful thing about religion is that if there isn't a clear answer or justification present in "the word" then you are supposed to simply "have faith". Man, if only that worked everywhere else, eh!

Quoting Nietzsche: "God is dead; but looking at the way Man is, there will probably be caves for thousands of years to come in which his shadow will be seen."

3/11/2006 5:39 PM  

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